Advanced Home Environments

Advanced Home Environments

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When you are looking at hiring a low voltage firm be sure to ask what process that company uses to complete projects and see it in place and working.


Initial Consultation

At our first meeting with you we will define your wants, needs and objectives. Please bring a copy of your floor plans; either hard copy or electronic file, preferably to leave with us, so that we can better lay out the different systems. If you are remodeling your existing home, an on-site walkthrough is in order. From this meeting, our team will draft a scope of work within your budget and system requirements.

Design & Proposal

After the scope of work has been defined, we progress to the design phase. Here we will design your system and generate a custom proposal that will detail the products, pricing and labor.

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Drawings & Engineering Schematics
After the design and proposal have been accepted we will fully engineer your system. This phase of the project includes drafting of wiring locations on your floor plans. Dimensional drawings of all the equipment being provided are generated and distributed to your architect, interior designer, general contractor and cabinet maker.

All the equipment connections are mapped out and rack diagrams are produced in order for our technicians to successfully assemble all the equipment.


Low Voltage Wiring Rough-in
All the necessary wiring for speakers, television, keypads, touch-screens, phone and data and more are installed throughout the home. All of this is based on the custom plan developed in the earlier steps. This phase is performed after the electrician has finished the main high voltage house wiring.


After your home has been sheet rocked and painted, we install all the trim plates, speakers, in-wall touch panels, distribution panels; finishing up all the things that go in the walls.


Equipment Procurement

Since our systems are custom, we order equipment for each project individually. This phase can sometimes take up to 30 days depending on manufacturer lead times, so be patient - it's worth it!


Assembly, Testing, Burn In & Programming

After your equipment arrives in our facility, we will assemble everything into your equipment racks and install the wiring between the components. Your system will also be programmed, tested and burned in to ensure it is operational before it is installed in you home. This is a critical step in the process that takes time - all in our house, not yours!


Final Installation & Client Instruction

During the final installation phase, we will bring your racked equipment, table top touch panels, free standing speakers and televisions to your home. On-site programming and calibration will also be completed. Final testing will be done which includes the control of integrated systems such as HVAC, lighting, motorized shades and any other integrated systems.

Once everything in your system has been installed, tested and calibrated we will meet with you to show you just how easy it is to use all of the features of your system.