Advanced Home Environments

Advanced Home Environments

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"Thanks for the great job you did with our home theater system. The audio/video equipment you suggested sounds and looks awesome, while still staying in our budget." - S. & J. Ornstein

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The enclosure pictured above has enough "connectivity" for a four to five bedroom room

Prepare for the future by pre-wiring now.

While wireless systems are convenient and sometimes the only option, a hard-wired system offers the best reliability, quality, speed and security.

Computer Network

A computer network can connect all of the computers in your home to the Internet and to each other for business or pleasure. Work from home, enjoy media downloads or share files and printers with the other home computers.


Combine multiple telephone lines into a single system with features including an intercom, caller ID and speed dial. You can also add a door station so you can hear the door bell though the telephone system and speak to the person at the door.

Cable or Satellite Television

Centralized distribution for your cable or satellite television and guarantees picture quality and eliminates unsightly wires from your home.