Advanced Home Environments

Advanced Home Environments

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Save Energy with Automated Control Systems for:

  • Lighting
  • Motorized Shades
  • Heat & Air Conditioning

Automated control systems reduce home energy consumption, which conserves natural resources, lowers the amount of CO2 released into the air and saves money.

green50Controlling your lighting is usually the easiest and most visible way to manage your energy costs while enhancing your living space. Compared to standard light switches, lighting control systems save energy, while creating inviting, comfortable spaces at home or work — making light greener and better.

green50Systems can be designed to turn off or dim lights and adjust shades automatically at certain times of the day or in relation to sunrise and sunset.

green50Room sensors can reduce lighting and heat & air conditioning demands by automatically dimming lights, controlling motorized shades and adjusting the temperature when people vacate a space.

Advanced Home Environments recycles all packing materials and wire scraps from every system we build and install.

All cardboard, plastics and metals are returned to our shop where they are carefully separated and properly recycled.