Advanced Home Environments

Advanced Home Environments

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“We are delighted with our new home theater system. Your recommendations regarding components and placement were just about perfect and the result more than met our expectations.

You and your men installed the system on time, expertly and cleanly. In all we could not be more pleased.” -M.Lederman

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ADVANCED HOME ENVIRONMENTS specializes in solutions that combine technology and aesthetics to make modern home entertainment, control and communication systems that are easy to use and that blend with your home's décor.

Each client's needs are treated as unique. We translate your wishes into professionally created, custom designed solutions that add value and enhance your lifestyle now and in the future.

Home Theaters & Media Rooms
Relax with family and friends in the comfort of your own home theater. Enjoy your favorite movies and sporting events with performance quality that rivals the best movie theater. Imagine the thrill of watching a movie on a 100-inch screen with speakers carefully located to let you experience the full effect of “surround sound”.
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Not everyone has the space or need for a dedicated theater room…but everyone has a family room. We can even design systems that conceal the speakers and equipment to maintain the aesthetics of the room. Enjoy the Superbowl, movies, or your favorite TV shows in High Definition on a flat panel television. We specialize in system designs that conceal all of the speakers and equipment to keep your room looking great. We have solutions for every lifestyle and every budget. Every system is designed for your current needs with an eye towards the future.
Whole House Music & Movies
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Enjoy listening to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie or television show in any room of your home. You can easily control the system from the convenience of a wall-mounted touch screen or a wireless touch panel that you can carry with you.


We make sure that nothing interferes with the aesthetics of your home by concealing all of the equipment and by recessing high quality speakers into ceilings or walls.

Lighting Control

Enhance the beauty, convenience and security of your home with a lighting control system. With the touch of a button you can change lighting scenes to accent your home’s decor, highlight artwork or architectural details, set the mood for entertaining or make your home appear occupied when you’re away.


Use a single elegant keypad to eliminate the “wall clutter” of many switches and save energy too. Even existing homes can benefit from the elegance and convenience of a lighting control system without installing any new wires by adding a wireless lighting control system.

Home Automation

Imagine the added convenience and benefits to your lifestyle that an integrated home control system offers. Simplify your life by combining the functions of multiple home systems and remote controls for audio, video, lighting, temperature and security into a single easy to use system. Strategically located touch panels placed throughout your home provide an intuitive control interface that anyone will understand.


Touchpanels do away with piles of remote controls, cryptic front panels and cluttered wall switches, putting a friendly face on controlling technology.

Handheld remotes provide increased freedom and accessibility for every control system. With a range of stylish designs and inventive features there's a handheld for every application.

A single button press can activate a sequence of functions programmed to simplify complex tasks and isolate the user from the technology behind the scenes.

Home Communication
The enclosure pictured above has enough "connectivity" for a four to five bedroom room

Prepare for the future by pre-wiring now.

While wireless systems are convenient and sometimes the only option, a hard-wired system offers the best reliability, quality, speed and security.

Computer Network

A computer network can connect all of the computers in your home to the Internet and to each other for business or pleasure. Work from home, enjoy media downloads or share files and printers with the other home computers.


Combine multiple telephone lines into a single system with features including an intercom, caller ID and speed dial. You can also add a door station so you can hear the door bell though the telephone system and speak to the person at the door.

Cable or Satellite Television

Centralized distribution for your cable or satellite television and guarantees picture quality and eliminates unsightly wires from your home.